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Near Eureka, IL and the Surrounding Areas

Water Quality Testing from Industry Experts Near Eureka, IL and the Surrounding Areas

Is your property’s drinking water safe? At Travco Plumbing, Inc. we provide water quality testing and treatment services to identify 12 different contaminants that may be polluting your water. If we find any, we’ll discuss your treatment options and design a plan to remove them based on your needs and budget. We’ll clean your water so your loved ones or employees can enjoy fresh water straight from the tap. Schedule your residential or city water quality and hardness test in Eureka, IL or the surrounding areas by contacting us today!

What Is Our Water Analysis for?

Travco Plumbing, Inc. tests for: 

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) – This is everything in your water that you may or may not be able to see. 
ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) – The amount of free O2 in water or lack thereof [we want there to be oxygen]. 
Hardness – The amount of minerals contained in water (calcium, magnesium, limestone, etc.) 

  • These minerals get deposited on surfaces and in appliances, which can cause damage to them. 
  • They also can build-up in plumbing lines, which can again cause costly repairs. 

pH – Is an indicator of Acidity, Alkalinity, or Basicity. 
Alkalinity – A measurement of the water’s capacity to neutralize acid. 
Iron – Mainly present in water in two forms: soluble ferrous iron or insoluble ferric iron. 

  • Water containing ferrous iron is clear and colorless because the iron is completely dissolved. 
  • Water containing Ferric iron is reddish brown and sometimes sediment can be felt. 
  • Water with ferrous iron can become water with ferric iron when it is exposed to air (in the pressure tank or atmosphere). 

Iron Bacteria – A naturally occurring organism that uses iron to survive while producing a reddish-brown or yellowish mucus and often an offensive odor. 

  • This smelly biofilm can cause staining and clogs within your plumbing. 

Chlorides – are components of Sodium Chloride, Magnesium Sulfate, Calcium Sulfate, Chlorine. 

  • Low to moderate concentrations are ok for consumption. 

Nitrates/Nitrites – Nitrates and nitrites are nitrogen-oxygen chemical compounds. 

  • They can combine with a variety of organic and inorganic elements. 
  • Once ingested, nitrates are converted into nitrites. 
  • The greatest use of nitrates is as a fertilizer. 

Manganese – Organic minerals that causes black stains on clothes and a black slimy film in toilet tank. 
Tannins – Natural organics produced by vegetation. 

  • Tannins produce a brown color in water. 
  • They will also react with iron to form a black residue. 
  • Organic iron and tannins are more frequently found in shallow wells, or wells under the influence of surface water. 

Copper – This test shows if copper is in water from pipes (water-eating pipes). 

Call Now to Schedule Your Water Quality Test

If you are searching for water quality testing services in Eureka, IL, get in touch with Travco Plumbing, Inc. and provide details such as contact information and whether you need city or well water testing service. After you send this information to us, we will contact you to set up a convenient appointment at your home to test your water for contaminants. We look forward to meeting you and helping you solve your water problems!

We serve: 

  • Eureka, IL 
  • Roanoke, IL 
  • Metamora, IL 
  • Washington, IL 

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Jen White
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Travco called prior to arriving. He was very professional, and got the drain unclogged no problem! Also, much cheaper than... read more

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We are on a 5 year lease with conditioner and iron out.They are jolly on the spot with the salt... read more

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Karen Zuckerman
4/26/2020 - Google

Travco provided prompt attention to our problem. Their technician was considerate of our safety, careful and thorough in his work,... read more

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