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City Water Testing That Accurately Identifies Contaminants; Get Water Treatment and Testing Services Near Morton, IL and the Surrounding Areas

Many of our water purification clients have city water. Some of the things our city water testing looks for are chemicals added in the water treatment process, water hardness that causes discoloration, elements from industry and urban runoffs, and contaminants resulting from carelessly disposed chemicals. In addition to our water testing services, we offer salt-less treatments, twin tank softeners, water coolers, and reverse osmosis water filter systems. Having decades of experience in the water utilities industry, we are confident in our ability to purify your city water in the Morton, IL area. Call us today to get started!  Water isn’t just a “drinking problem”. Your skin is your largest organ. You can absorb dangerous pollutants by bathing and showering in them. The EPA has set standards for many common pollutants for which water companies must meet set Maximum Content Levels (MCLs). If you want to know if harmful chemicals are in your water, call Travco. 

Our Water Utilities Services

Salt-Less Water Treatment: Our whole home water treatment system uses innovative “green” technologies that bring clean, healthy, great-tasting water to your home while protecting the environment. It utilizes “stabilizing media” filtration to remove nano-sized particles, silt and sand from your water. 

Twin Softeners: If you want the ultimate in water conditioning, our product is for you! Our “Ultimate Twin” System delivers conditioning performance that’s completely consistent. Better still, it does so while saving regenerant and using less water. So, it is great for our planet!  

Reverse Osmosis: No water treatment technology removes more chemicals and contaminants than reverse osmosis, and no reverse osmosis systems on the market are easier to use than the RO Quick Change system. Call us today to learn more about the 4-cartridge system! 

Water Coolers: If you are trying to encourage your family or employees to drink more water, our water coolers are the ideal way to accomplish that! Our water coolers are connected to your own reverse osmosis filtered drinking water supply. Our bottomless water coolers provide immediate cold or hot water with a convenient dispenser. 

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According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), the public has reason to be concerned. EWG reported that between 2004 and 2009, water tests by companies like Travco across the U.S. detected 316 contaminants in water supplied to the public. Make sure your family has pure, clean water to drink and bathe in and call Travco Plumbing, Inc. Today! 

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Jen White Avatar
Jen White
5/21/2020 - Google

Great experience with Travco last Friday. First time I called and Mike arrived within 30 minutes. He was kind and... read more

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Jessie Garcia
5/05/2020 - Google

Travco called prior to arriving. He was very professional, and got the drain unclogged no problem! Also, much cheaper than... read more

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Lonnie Emerson
5/05/2020 - Google

We are on a 5 year lease with conditioner and iron out.They are jolly on the spot with the salt... read more

Karen Zuckerman Avatar
Karen Zuckerman
4/26/2020 - Google

Travco provided prompt attention to our problem. Their technician was considerate of our safety, careful and thorough in his work,... read more

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