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As your home ages, your exterior water pipes get older too. Aging pipes can cause leaks and breaks. Pipes can also be damaged by corrosion, extreme weather, shifting or settling of the ground, and heavy equipment working on soft ground. If you are dealing with main water line pipe failure and need coverage or the proper repair services, call us. We offer professional inspections, repairs, and replacement services in Eureka, IL and the surrounding areas. Plus, we can even offer installation services for a brand-new main water line. Our plumbers will scan your pipes with a sewer camera, diagnose the problem, remove roots and blockages, repair leaks, and replace piping if necessary. Call now to schedule! 

Signs of Exterior Water Line Pipe Failure

Here are a few common indicators for water pipe failure: 


  • Leaking or pooling water in your yard 
  • Water leaking into your basement, even without rain 
  • Low water pressure 

Homeowners insurance does not provide coverage for most exterior water line failures, unless you have a special rider. If you suspect that you have a water line problem and don’t know why or where to turn, call Travco Plumbing, Inc to schedule your repair service 

Call Us Today to Schedule Water Line Service

We are experienced at exterior water line repairs and coverage issues. Our professional will help you understand what happened and help you prevent it from happening again in the future. In addition to these services, we help customers with frozen pipes. With the extreme weather that the Midwest has been experiencing, frozen pipes have become a reality for many families. We encourage any family who experienced frozen pipes this winter to call Travco. Call our experts today to get reliable and professional service! 


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  • Peoria, IL

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